Thursday, July 15, 2010


quick little sketch as I was trying to veg out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

more designs

Been pretty busy (I guess who isn't nowadays) My last post was pretty wordy so I'll keep this short... My latest. These are concepts for a new tv show being produced by my workplace.

Friday, February 5, 2010

St. Augustine 405... site design

It's been a crazy few months. So I'll do a quick recap.
After embarking on a fun albeit challenging deadline with Patrick Ortman and GOBODY I was invited by the city of St. Augustine to submit a proposal on a website design.

How they got my name is still a mystery.

Coincidence? I'm not an infrastructure guy but just worked with someone who is. This guy also has years of experience designing websites etc. Patrick Ortman.

Long story short we had a day. One very long day to create a budget, mock-up site design and overall proposal that fit the requirements of the government standards which for me? Was totally foreign coming from primarily a creative background.

Spent the first and second part of the day creating a mock up. the third and fourth parts of the day were spent on the other requirements documentation) bed at 4am or something silly. The next morning I got up and started calculating the man-hours for the budget.

(it was due at 1pm). I sent an email to Staples with an attached .pdf at 12:00pm, took a shower and was out the door by 12:15. When I arrived at Staples they hadn't even started printing but that's fine it took me an additional 10 minutes to pick out appropriate binders, envelopes and seals to submit my 3 copies. (the girl helping me was super accommodating). I ended up arriving to the city office within 3 minutes of the deadline and submitted our documents. Here are some of the initial mock ups I did.

We didn't get the job. we scored the lowest on price but I'd say it a rewarding experience nonetheless. I appreciate their consideration and look forward to seeing the end result.